GAIN Capital sets institutional volumes record in November, but retail volumes dropped by 10%

A whopping rise to $429B, higher by 47% M/M is unlocking the institutional freeze from last month

GAIN Capital Holdings (NYSE:GCAP) have just announced their volume metrics for the month of November and those have ballooned quite impressively on the institutional side. Let’s first examine the retail component though – retail OTC volumes were lower by 9.6% from the previous month to $168.3 billion and kept good pace from a year ago – up by 59.3%.

During the month institutional volumes have more than compensated for this drop – coming out at $428.6 billion which is a whopping 47.3% higher than last month it almost seems that this part of the business has doubled from  a year ago. We are not rushing into conclusions but we still think that might have something to do with the GFT acquisition.

Last month’s data did not show a big rise in institutional volumes despite being the first month on record where the figures are reported on aggregate with GFT. Since October was a slow moth for institutional investors this data is welcome to prove that the figures that we expected last month are coming closer in line now. October’s growth of merely $12 billion in institutional volumes caused some head scratching as to where did all the GFT institutional clients go.

The number of active retail trading accounts was reported at 102,520 which is marginally lower than in October but still higher 74.4% from last year’s numbers. Unsurprisingly so, as the GFT acquisition has certainly helped this number.

For the complete press release on November’s volumes visit GAIN Capital’s website.

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