GAIN Capital CMO Samantha Roady converts options, sells shares & pockets $104,600

Gain Capital Holdings Inc (NYSE:GCAP) Chief Marketing Officer Samantha Roady has sold a further number of shares, as reported by a filing with the US Securities and Exchange commission yesterday.

In this particular transaction, Ms. Roady exercised her stock options to buy 16,960 units of class A common stock at a cost of $3.83 per unit, and subsequently sold the same number of units at $10 per unit, resulting in a net gain of $104,644.

Ms. Roady has recently engaged in a series of transactions with regard to the sale of GAIN Capital stock, the most recent of which was the sale of 22,020 units of class A common stock in the company, at $10.089 per share, as reported by a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dated March 13, 2015.

Ms Roady has conducted further transactions during the past few weeks, another example having taken place on March 6 which resulted in a net gain of $188,200.

On that particular occasion, Ms. Roady exercised three seperate amounts of options, purchasing 11,444 units of stock at $3.83 per share, a further 10,250 of stock at $4.4 per share, and 9,500 units of stock at $5.3 per share.

Ms. Roady then sold 31,194 units of stock at $10 per share and a further 1,554 units at $10.01 per share, hence the net amount of $188,200.

Having received a grant totaling  more than 131,000 shares in GAIN Capital just over two months ago, which at the time were worth approximately $1.2 million, Ms. Roady has embarked on a series of transactions in relation to the shares.

After receiving the grant, Ms. Roady sold 42,000 of the shares on January 5 and 6, pocketing more than $380,000.

The 131,000 shares were received by Ms. Roady as a series of Restricted Stock Units between 2006 and 2009. The shares vested over a number of years – a practice common in companies which pay executive compensation in company equity – and were to be delivered to Roady as soon as practicable on or after December 31, 2014.

Following her most recent transactions, Ms. Roady continues to hold approximately $2.5 million worth of shares in GAIN Capital.

For the official SEC filings from GAIN Capital, click here.

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