FXStreet launches real-time Japanese news in its local site and for brokers

Forex market news and analysis source FXStreet has today announced the launch of its service in Japanese in order to serve the nation’s vast retail FX sector.

The firm has strengthened its operations to include a Japan-based editorial team which produces articles, news and reports from 8.00 until 12.00 Japan Standard Time and later in the evening from 18.00 until 22.00 Japan Standard Time. FXStreet has confirmed today that content is basically focused on Forex, but also includes information relating to metal, oil and stocks.

This new enhancement includes the provision of real time Japanese news to Brokers and Financial websites. The news can be placed on websites, as well as all trading platforms and applications.

The all-encompassing Asia Pacific region is a major focus for provision of market information by FX Street, the company having gained a distribution channel in China in March this year via Hong Kong-based mFINANCE. Indeed, entry into the Chinese market poses different chanllenges to the free market Japanese business environment, insofar as that the Chinese government does not permit firms from free market nations to conduct business in mainland China. For this reason, a Chinese partner is required, as in the deal with mFINANCE.

In contrast to FXStreet’s concentration of resources into expansion across Asia, the company has moved away from one service that it offered to its Western audience in English, as FXBeat prepares to cease operations. FXBeat features charismatic and entertaining market information from industry veteran Jamie Coleman, who previously operated FxBriefs with Gerry Davies, before it also shuffled off the virtual coil.

www.fxstreet.jp is one of the most-visited Forex websites in Japan. As Carolina May, CEO of FXStreet, has declared: “we hope that the publication of news in our Japanese site increases the interest of our local audience in our site, as well as the visits. We want to spread our presence in Asia, and Japan is one our priorities. At the same time our aim is to help our clients to reach the market.”

Japanese news can also be found on FXStreet’s Economic Calendar, which covers economic events and indicators all over the world on real-time. The calendar is automatically updated when new data is released.

To read the full release, click here.

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