FXecosystem cuts London to New York connectivity time to 63.36 ms RTD

FXecosystem, which provides outsourced connectivity services to the FX market, has indicated that it can now provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks with an even faster connection between London and New York.

As one of the first organisations to be upgraded onto Hibernia’s new Ultra 5 Express Circuit, FXecosystem can now offer clients a reduced RTD between London and New York of 63.36 milliseconds (previously 65.36 milliseconds). This drop in milliseconds in the roundtrip across the Atlantic will result in even lower latency and faster execution, enabling clients to maximise the number of trades processed per millisecond.

FXecosystem CEO James Banister commented:

Being one of the first companies to offer such ultra-quick connectivity between London and New York is a huge advantage for us in terms of providing improved latency performance to major banks and also attracting new clients. Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 banking clients have now been added to the Ultra 5 Express Circuit and are already seeing the benefits of the increased capacity and speed. We will be adding other clients over the next few weeks.

FXecosystem continues to evolve in terms of investing in our infrastructure, especially between New York and London, and we are seeing our client base grow exponentially.

FXecosystem, with its LD4 (London) and NY4 (New York) Meet-Me-Room™(MMR) ecoworld, provides a single point of entry to connect to FX market participants on a global scale. The company offers low latency network connectivity, co-location/proximity hosting and fully managed services, all backed up by 24×7 service and support.

FXecosystem recently launched FXeco-Eye, a unique real-time network performance monitoring and analytics tool to enable business units and network/trading system support teams to speed up the process of establishing the root cause of any network and trading issues. FXeco-Eye enables users to troubleshoot network, application and connectivity issues without creating disruptions to business critical flows. The company will be adding further products to its portfolio over the forthcoming months.

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