FXDD integrated marketing expert Stephen Simonis talks to LeapRate live from New York City

This year’s FXIC conference in New York City represents a convening of the largest and most established companies in our entire industry.

Today, at the prestigious Grand Hyatt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, LeapRate spoke to Stephen Simonis, Manager, Integrated Marketing & Digital Media at FXDD Global to gain a perspective on the company’s current direction.

FXDD Global is known for constant innovation and new product development. What drives this?

At FXDD Global, our top priority is meeting the needs and demands of customers through constant innovation. Every day, our service and sales teams are tasked with asking our customers for feedback and understanding how they use and experience our products.

We then capture that feedback and deliver it directly to our product development team so that it can be incorporated into our R&D process. This simple yet all important feedback loop drives us to expand our product suite and enhance existing tools.

What are some of the key themes you’re hearing from customers today?

Low-cost and transparent pricing is always a top demand from forex traders. This is why FXDD Global offers one of the lowest spreads in the industry and is deeply committed to a “no hidden fee” policy.

We also know traders are hungry for a variety of different trading products and asset classes. In response, FXDD Global created a robust portfolio that includes CFDs, FX Options, Binary Options, single-barrel contracts on spot oil and many others.

Diversity is of great importance with today’s global client base, therefore how do you ensure that FXDD Global can cater toward international clients requiring different products?

From a marketing perspective, it is advantageous that FXDD Global is customer centric, and provides the marketing manager a wide variety of FX instruments, therefore I can provide dedicated portfolio of trading tools that can be tailored to each clients.

Keeping pace with technological change is critical in times of such fierce competition. What is FXDD Global’s strategy with regard to innovation?

FXDD Global is equipped to offer tailored solutions to both self-directed and institutional traders around the world. At FXDD Global, our top priority is meeting the need and demands of the customer through constant innovation.

We are revolutionary thinkers in trading who have set the trend in forex by delivering new technologies backed by world-class support. Our ability to develop cutting-edge tools at a rate that outpaces other brokerages sets FXDD Global apart.

What do you consider to be FXDD Global’s next development and what is in store for the rest of the year?

We are always researching inefficiencies in the market, and creating solutions to these inefficiencies to improve the trading environment for both self-directed and institutional traders.

For the immediate future, continuing to improve our low-cost, transparent pricing, quick execution and world class customer support to ensure that retail and institutional traders around the world continue to choose FXDD Global as their broker is a priority.

Photograph: Andrew Saks-McLeod with Stephen Simonis on FXDD Global’s current corporate direction

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