FXDD goes live with Tradency’s algorithmic hedge fund solution

Tradency, a global technology company focused on product development and providing advanced services to financial institutions and FXDD Global have announced today the exclusive expansion to its MirrorTrader platform.

This new, revolutionary trading service features algorithmic trading solutions developed by hedge funds, giving FXDD Global clients primary access to strategies that have previously only been accessible to top institutional traders with account balances greater than one million USD.

Tradency exclusively explained the full functionality and ethos of its algorithmic hedge fund trading solution in a TV interview very recently, with FXDD being the first company to onboard the service.

“Providing our self-directed investors access to world-class trading technology that was built on years of intellectual property and market development, bridges the digital divide for traders who previously needed millions of dollars in capital to access these resources,” said Tom O’Reilly, senior vice president of sales at FXDD Global. “Offering these elite hedge fund algorithms further enhances our already robust suite of technology solutions and trading tools FXDD Global offers to clients around the world.”

FXDD Global’s MirrorTrader now provides access to 15 hedge funds from around the world. Each was hand-selected based on their performance in FX and assets under management.

“We have decided to revolutionize the mirror trading market by offering retail traders the opportunity to trade with the highest quality algorithms used by some of the world’s most sophisticated traders,” said Oz Golan, Tradency’s VP of Sales. “We take great pride in our partnership with FXDD Global and believe this new innovative service will generate high customer satisfaction and increase ROI for both the customer and broker.”

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