FXCM’s DailyFX.com undergoes complete revamp to offer unique user experience

DailyFX, the Forex research and news service of FXCM Inc (NYSE:FXCM), has been out there to help traders for more than 13 years already. During this time, the service has undergone great development with the latest phase of this process happening right now, as DailyFX.com is being revamped to respond to the modern market and technology requirements, as well as to traders’ needs.

The newest and fully transformed version of the website – DailyFX 4.0, is poised to go live in the fall of 2015. In the meantime, the rejuvenated service is in beta.

For those already curious to see what is new in DailyFX 4.0, let’s summarize what impressed us.

To begin with, the website is now accessible via a range of devices with various screen sizes. The mobile wrapper makes it accessible via major online app stores.

“Visualization” seems to be a key word for the changes made, with the accent falling on content like video, charts and tables, enabling the visitor to easily avoid (if needed, of course) any heavy textual content.

fx_reportFor that matter, we should probably mention first the new DailyFX TV landing page, which hosts all of the video content produced by the service. Visitors can view the latest Forex reports, technical analysis, as well as webinar recordings, with the video content updating automatically.

While you wait for the official launch, you can also have access to all DailyFX video archive and live stream reports by visiting DailyFX TV YouTube channel. It contains up to date forex market news and trading education.

Talking of enhanced user experience, let’s note the redesigned Economic Calendar, which comes along with enhanced filter capabilities, improved date navigation, updated alerts and reminders functionalities, as well as a raft of small perks like a Live Countdown to the next events.


The Rollover Rates page and the Central Bank Calendar have also been enhanced to offer useful content in a unique and convenient way to visitors. It contains all monthly major central bank economic events, related market data, and a widget companion to facilitate accessibility.

The renewed Instruments page now streams live prices and adds new data visualization for various market instruments.

DailyFX 4.0 article image

This, of course, is not the end to it. For instance, DailyFX 4.0 makes sharing content via social media much easier – this enlarges the scope of the service, presenting it as a valuable information source and also as a community for Forex market participants.

Check out the new version of DailyFX.com at beta.dailyfx.com.


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