FXCM launches new MT4 Indicator to the FXCM app store

Trading Session Hours aims to optimize clients’ strategies based on different trading sessions

What looks like a simple tool could actually optimize trading strategies for clients who are aiming to execute trades at the most liquid market hours. FXCM has released on its app store a new indicator that outlines the borders of different trading sessions across the globe directly on the chart. Every trader who gets a signal in a relatively calm session such as early Australia/New Zealand or late US can simply choose to ignore it.

In fact this could be a very good retrospective analytic tool that aims at verifying signals during more liquid trading sessions. Many beginner traders are struggling to realize that illiquid market hours moves can often give false trading signals and the noise resulting could ruin an otherwise sound trading strategy. The chart indicator is called Trading Session Hours and can be purchased from FXCM’s app store.

FXCM MT4 apps store

Individual sessions can be turned on or off, while traders have the ability to customize GMT offset according to the time zone where they reside. The indicator is compatible only with FXCM’s MetaTrader4 platform and requires an FXCM trading account.

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