FXCM deploying NY area employees to other offices

Benefit of being a truly international company.

For many of us Hurricane Sandy is a distant memory, relegated to last week’s news. But for those who have offices in the New York-New Jersey coastal areas, the storm will have both personal and business effects for quite a while to come.

The neighborhood where FXCM has its global headquarters, in the Wall Street area of downtown Manhattan (on ironically-named Water Street) was one of the harder hit business regions. It looks as though as of this week clean up and restoration was still underway at their offices as power gets restored and as wind and flood damage get repaired.

Despite these challenges, FXCM clients have barely noticed anything but business-as-usual, other than having customer service calls routed to FXCM’s Hong Kong office during and immediately after the storm. All FXCM systems and trading have remained up. FXCM has already deployed staff both to other US (mainly San Francisco, CA and Plano, TX) and international offices, as they literally ride out the storm. Well done, FXCM.

FXCM is scheduled to release its Q3 results tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Stay tuned to LeapRate for analysis.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to wish our best to all those who were hit by Hurricane Sandy. We hope things get back to normal soon.

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