FX Volumes on the Tokyo Exchange soar in April

Yen volatility continues to increase with record setting volume numbers.

The Tokyo Financial exchange has reported that Total Click 365 FX trading volume jumped over 39% in April to 6,963,833 units. Year-to-date volume is up now up over 30% from last year. Numbers across the board for Yen trading pairs are up with the CHF/JPY leading the pack, up by 54% from last month despite being down 14% for the year.

As we have been noting over the last month or so, volatility of the Yen has been increasing leading to record volume numbers as well as helping the bottom line of retail Forex brokers. However, the first company to report last quarter, Tradition, was down in overall revenue. The one bright spot was their Gaitame Japan unit which saw a healthy boost in revenue.

As we receive more revenue numbers we will bring them to you.

For the entire Tokyo Financial Exchange release click here.

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