FX training firm WALKEReTRAINING launches online eLearning service for FX traders

WALKEReTRAINING capitalizes on the value of video among the abundance of FX training organizations by launching its interactive eLearning platform which aims to impart knowledge to the retail trading sector

WALKEReTRAINING, a new capital markets eLearning company, has today officially launched its services, which include an interactive eLearning platform for new traders as well as existing traders and investors.

According to WALKEReTrading, the market for quality eLearning companies is currently dominated by  a small number of providers and several predominately local market educational operators. Wayne Walker, founder and CEO of WALKEReTRAINING, saw an opportunity to expand his practical capital markets classroom training courses into an online eLearning offering enabling him to initially reach the clients that don’t have the time or money to reach his classroom courses.

“I have been so fortunate to train more than 2,000 traders and market professional from many countries, high quality financial institutions and top universities. Unfortunately, traveling is costly and time consuming and based on high demand we have created an interactive eLearning tool for those interested in the core components of our courses,” Wayne Walker explained.

Whilst opinions vary across the retail FX industry on the authenticity and validity of FX training courses, Mr. Walker’s firm states that the courses are accredited by more than 20 universities and MBA schools, and he has trained staff from companies such as Citi, RBS, Saxo, Deutsche, Tradable and Nordea. When asked about what makes WALKEReTRAINING different from other learning sources, CEO Wayne Walker commented:

“Our approach to learning is through a practical hands-on approach. For us it’s important to distinguish between education and training. Education is when you for example look at five videos about FX, read a book or join a webinar. While it’s important, it has obvious limitations because you only receive knowledge” is Mr. Walker’s opinion.

He concludes that: “Anyone who promises you skills through education – but not training – is only selling you half the package. Our approach to teaching is through a simultaneous combination of education and training with our no-nonsense and hands-on content – tailored for practical application using your trading platform – and by trading against peers in our competitions and LinkedIn groups.”

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