Fullerton Markets launches PipBox content tool for affiliates

Fullerton Markets today announced the launch of PipBox, a digital tool for its growing army of affiliates.

The Passive Income Platform (P.I.P.) PipBox searches the web for the most interesting and engaging content for its affiliates to simply copy and paste on the various social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

PipBox has also successfully integrated its API with some of the most popular mobile messaging applications like Whatsapp, Wechat, LINE and Telegram.

Mario Singh

Fullerton Markets CEO Mario Singh said:

We are very excited to launch PipBox today after a year of planning. We are no longer in the information age. We are now living in the attention age. Whoever grabs the user’s attention, wins. PipBox is designed in a simple and powerful way to provide the best content for our affiliates to share on their favourite social and messaging sites.

Once the affiliates login to PipBox, they will see a drop-down menu for every day of the week. All they need to do is to select the content for the day and share on their favourite apps like Facebook or Whatsapp.

The content is dynamic and changes everyday. This ensures we stay relevant to attention-grabbing news. The digital team has worked very hard to create this disruptive affiliate tool and PipBox is the fruition of that endeavour. I’m very proud of them.

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