France’s regulator AMF warns investors about 69 unregulated Binary Option brokers

Comes several weeks after a similar warning by the AMF against 23 unregulated Forex brokers

Last week the French regulator AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) released a list of binary options companies that have caught the attention of the Financial Markets Authority. The text in the press release states that the companies are not authorized to provide investment services within the jurisdiction of the regulator. The list features 69 websites and includes many popular binary options brands.

It seems that the industry has caught the vigilant eye of the regulator and a full-blown backlash might be on the way. First there was a list of unregulated forex brokerages that was released in December which included 23 entities, which however did not include any of the biggest brands in the industry.

That now has obviously changed as the regulator outlines a warning to investors about the aggressive marketing campaigns that are being used by the binary options industry, and specifies that high returns are advertised for a very short period of time. In contrast to the warning on forex brokerages, this list includes some of the biggest binary options labels around.

The French regulator proceeds to caution the public to be mindful of the risks involved when they are dealing with an unregulated entity. An updated list of the latest institutions regulated by French authorities is available on

The full list of the companies mentioned in the press release is listed below, and can also be obtained on the website of AMF. *

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