Forex On The Go releases updated MT4 white label suite via browser extension, mobile and webtrader

Forex On The Go, a San Francisco headquartered developer of one of the most downloaded mobile forex platforms with 2M+ downloads and which has been white labeled by leading brokers worldwide, today announced the release of four major new products. The firm explained to LeapRate the synergy of the look and feel between all the platforms GUI as a key advantage, creating a familiar trading atmosphere no matter how a trader accesses the platform.

In addition to offering brokers both generic and custom branded white label MT4 trading platforms for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, Forex On The Go now offers a native OS X application, Chrome browser extension, Safari browser extension, and Webtrader platform, together creating a robust and comprehensive MT4 platform for all sorts of end users.


The updated platform suite (Click for larger image).

The updated platform suite (click for larger image).


Applications are delivered directly from official app stores, avoiding complicated installation and security concerns, making it easier to bring on new clients such as the affluent Apple user market.

Forex On The Go CEO Cole Flournoy explained: “All applications in the product suite have an identical and consistent user interface, greatly increasing application adoption among users.”

With the Safari and Chrome trader extensions, brokers can now have their full trading platform accessible to users who are simply browsing the web, potentially making for less missed trading opportunities. This is convenient for traders as they browse market information websites to have a glimpse of their account without having to toggle back and forth between application or 2nd browser tab to view their account status and tick chart.

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