Former Quantica Trading algo specialist Jamie Oschefski appointed VP Sales at Rizm

Specialist algorithmic trading executive Jamie Oschefski has been appointed VP Sales at Rizm, a New York based algorithmic trading technology company which develops tools for professional traders.

Mr. Oschefski joins Rizm from Quantica Trading, where he spent four and a half years as Head of Accounts and Strategic Partnerships.

During his tenure at Quantica Trading, Mr. Oschefski performed an instrumental role in assisting the boutique algo trading specialist’s Quantica Trader solution coming to fruition, a system whose algorithm development kit facilitates the streamlining of the development and implementation of complex algorithmic strategies within the company’s existing Cloud Trader algorithm development kit. This developer-oriented toolkit enables algorithm development and deployment in a short space of time.

“I’m delighted to welcome Jamie to the Rizm team. Our company has experienced explosive growth since launching our web-based automated trading and back-testing platform. Jamie will help us build on our forward momentum and enable Rizm to sustain this rapid growth and new customer acquisition.” Chris Ivey, CEO Rizm today explained to LeapRate.

Also speaking to LeapRate today was Mr. Oschefski, who elaborated on his new position :“I’m very excited to be part of Rizm to drive sales and focus our talented team to achieve new levels of competitive advantage. Rizm has developed an intuitive automated trading platform which is specifically designed to expedite the development, testing and deployment of complex strategies without the need for any programming. There’s a clear paradigm shift happening and trading software is moving to the web. This advanced toolset is the next biggest thing in trade automation.”

Prior to joining Quantica Trading, Mr. Oschefski spent over eight years as a proprietary trader, trading futures, derivatives and equities on US exchanges and European markets whilst based north of the border in Canada.

Mr. Oschefski is often keen to share his expertise with industry professionals, having published a series of works in within esteemed resource forums including TABB and Quant relating to hybrid algo development, buy side execution and how to overcome software testing difficulties.

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