Forex sports sponsorships get ‘heavy’: Orbex backs Eleiko Weightlifting

Retail forex brokers continue to use sponsorships of sports teams and events as marketing tools. And it is not just top-of-the-line Football and Formula One racing outfits getting the backing, as brokers get more creative and local with their sponsorships.

Retail broker Orbex has expanded its backing of  WODWARS CrossFit fitness competitions, to sponsor Eleiko Weightlifting Training in Halmstad, Sweden. Organized by Orbex’s long-term sports partner CrossFit Limassol, the event was aiming to help WODWARS Competition winners achieve their peak performance and prepare for upcoming CrossFit competitions.

Orbex has endorsed two prominent CrossFit athletes, Elia Navarro from Spain and Klaus Uggerhoj from Denmark, who embody the #TradeFit lifestyle and values through exemplary sports performance and stand-out work in promoting and facilitating wider adoption of the healthy way of life.

All the participants of the training had an opportunity to train at the legend Eleiko Sports Center. Eleiko is a leading weightlifting equipment producer and a pacesetter for the fitness industry. Some of the best weightlifting coaches in the world were assisting the athletes to practice the exercises in barbell movements and learn the principles of maximizing the power.

CrossFit Limassol is the first affiliate box in Cyprus. It is known as the chief organizer of local and international competitions that take place in Cyprus. CrossFit Limassol is visited by famous lifters and CrossFitters, visiting Cyprus.

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