Forex sports sponsorship: Colombia midfielder James Rodríguez signs as brand ambassador for FXClub’s Libertex platform

James Rodríguez, a Colombian soccer player, an offensive midfielder for the Colombia national soccer team, has become the brand ambassador for Libertex, a financial markets trading platform.

Libertex is a trade and investment terminal, created by Russian Forex broker Forex Club.

Michael Geiger, Libertex

The image of James Rodriguez, one of the most successful and dynamic soccer players in the world, perfectly matches the image of Libertex, a technologically advanced trading platform that helps millions of traders achieve success in trading popular financial instruments, such as currencies, stocks of leading companies, gold, oil and other assets. The campaign’s motto, “Play with the best, trade with the best”, truly reflects the nature of our partnership,” said Michael Geiger, Libertex CEO.

Commenting on his partnership with Libertex, James Rodriguez explained:

Everyone can succeed. To do this, you just have to believe in yourself and keep trying to reach your goal. In professional soccer, victory doesn’t come from talent alone, it is a result of persistence. I am sure financial markets run by the same rules.

I’m happy to become partners with the award-winning Forex and CFD solution, Libertex. We share the same values and strive to be the best at what we do. Their reputation has helped them become the leader in online trading.

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