Forex Club streamlines currency pairs offering for MT4 accounts

Forex Club, the Russia-focused network of Forex companies and educational centers, is cutting its currency pairs offering for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

A set of 11 exotic currency pairs, including instruments with the Danish krone, the Singapore dollar, the Swedish krona, and the Norwegian krone, will leave the currency lineup for MT4-instant accounts, offered by the broker.

On August 9, 2015, the positions with the affected instruments were switched to “Close only” mode and all open positions with these pairs will be closed by Forex Club on August 14, 2015, according to prices at market close.

The list of trading instruments to leave the trading menu includes:

  • AUD/DKK (Australian dollar vs Danish krone);
  • AUD/SGD (Australian dollar vs Singapore dollar);
  • CHF/NOK (Swiss franc vs Norwegian krone);
  • CHF/SEK (Swiss franc vs Swedish krona);
  • EUR/DKK (Euro vs Danish krone);
  • GBP/DKK (British pound vs Danish krone);
  • GBP/NOK (British pound vs Norwegian krone);
  • GBP/SGD (British pound vs Singapore dollar);
  • NOK/SEK (Norwegian krone vs Swedish krona);
  • NZD/SGD (New Zealand dollar vs Singapore dollar);
  • SEK/JPY (Swedish krona vs Japanese yen).

To view the original announcement by Forex Club on the changes to its offering, click here.

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