Fluent Trade Technologies announces Real-Time Financial Big-Data (RFBDS) tool for forex market

Fluent Trade Technologies has released its real-time financial big data product empowering foreign exchange market participants with faster, more intelligent analytical tools. With FX markets trading volumes around $5 trillion a day and the continued evolution of automated trading and regulation, it has become increasingly important to have real-time access to FX market data. The demand for greater transparency and profitability is driving the need for greater and smarter market analysis.

Fluent has managed to leverage its speed and efficiency capabilities from other products to deliver a scalable, fully redundant, Financial Big Data premium service without the premium price tag.

“By seamlessly combining its proprietary code with open source phenomena like the Cassandra engine, Fluent has harnessed the market standard SQL language with the cost-effective, scalable, high throughput and ease-of-use advantages of no-SQL databases,” says Udi Ariav, Fluent’s R&D manager.

“Fluent’s system stores petabytes of market data, trading events and millions of records per second while making them available for retrieval in less than a second.”

SQL connectivity makes this huge knowledge base readily accessible from quant tools such as R, Python or Matlab. Fluent’s ODBC adapter enables access from any existing customer’s application or third party tool, without need for technology migration. Both significantly lower integration costs and shorten time to market.

“But we didn’t stop there,” says Joel Steinmetz, Managing Director of Fluent Trade Technologies. “Our solution comes with a suite of predefined, out of the box reporting and investigation tools, giving immediate ROI. We cover a wide range of report types including incident investigation, replay, BI slice and dice, P&L and more. Fluent BigData really is a fully rounded product.”

About Fluent Trade Technologies

Fluent Trade Technologies proprietary ultra-low latency design delivers an end-to-end, turn-key solution for automated trading systems and brokers. Fluent’s customers transact billions of dollars daily through its ecosystem, leveraging the company’s expertise in data processing trading, large database warehousing, data distribution, monitoring and risk management. Fluent Trade Technologies delivers a unified solution, enabling clients to focus on designing and enhancing their algorithms.

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