FENICS launches new FENICS Dealing Engine

FENICS, the provider of FX options software and workflow solutions, which is part of BGC Partners, Inc. (NASDAQ:BGCP), today announced the launch of FENICS Professional 12.4, including FENICS Dealing Engine.

FENICS 12.4 is available for upgrade to all FENICS Professional subscribers.

FENICS Dealing Engine can be accessed via a new execution panel which enables sales teams to view quotes, time to expiry and the ability to execute and book trades. The same functionality can also be accessed via a Dealing API which can be interfaced with third-party systems or proprietary platforms. The Dealing Settings screen allows traders and business managers to define and monitor dealing rules.

John Crisp, Director of Product, commented: “FENICS 12.4 has been built in close collaboration with several of our long term customers. This has been very beneficial in ensuring that the workflow and user experience meets the market’s needs. It was equally important to recognise that some customers would want to avoid increasing the number of platforms on their sales desks. The Dealing API gives our customers the choice to integrate the new dealing functionality into their existing systems.”

Mr. Crisp continued: “We have already engaged in discussions where innovative ideas on how FENICS Dealing could be deployed; from powering client facing e-commerce platforms, to rolling our sales solutions across the region or on a global basis.”

Richard Brunt, Managing Director of FENICS, noted:

“The feedback on FENICS 12.4 has been excellent and we have already secured a significant new client during the soft launch phase. It is essential that we build on this early success, continue to listen to the feedback from our clients and deliver the solutions they require.”

FENICS is already at use at more than 350 client sites across the globe with thousands of end users from all across the financial markets benefiting from its solutions.

To view the official press release on the launch of the new dealing engine, click here.

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