Father Of Former BGC Partners Employee Arrested On Suspicion Of Shooting Derivatives Trader Robin Clark

FX Options and derivatives trader Robin Clark was shot in the leg on his way to the office in January this year. Police have now arrested 51 year old Lee Victory in connection with the incident

One and a half months have passed since Robin Clark, a professional trader at London’s RP Martin, majoring on FX options, derivatives and other institutional asset classes, was shot in the leg at Shenfield railway station in Essex, England, en route to his office by a man wielding a sawn-off shotgun.

Today, mainstream British news source The Daily Mail has announced that a suspect has been arrested in connection with the incident, who took such draconian action after Mr. Clark allegedly harrased his daughter.

According to the report by the Daily Mail, Lee Victory has been detained on suspicion of conspiracy to murder Mr. Clark by shooting him in the leg in the early hours of the morning on January 24 this year.

Mr. Victory is known to Mr. Clark, as he works for prestigious London brokerage BGC Partners, where Mr. Clark previously held the position of Executive Managing Director before assuming the post as Head of Eonia/ short Euro rates, subsequent to joining RP Martin in June 2013 in the capacity of Euro Derivatives Trader. BGC Partners is one of a series of institutional firms which received swap execution facility (SEF) approval recently in order to conform with the requirements set out in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act.

The last week in January was a particularly high-profile period for the firm, as simulataneous to Mr. Clark having been shot, Britain’s financial markets regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority took action against one of its senior executives, Anthony Verrier, due to serious concerns over Mr Verrier’s integrity and his conduct not befitting the financial services industry, resulting Mr. Verrier being banned from the financial services industry forthwith.

According to a further British mainstream news source, the Sun on Sunday, Mr Victory was ‘very upset’ over office rumors that 44-year-old Mr. Clark made alleged sexual comments to his daughter Danielle whilst he held his executive position at BGC Partners. Ms. Victory has since left BGC Partners.

Mr. Clark returned to work last month having been released from Basildon Hospital after the completion of treatment for his injuries, where he had been previously interviewed by Police regarding the incident. At the time, Mr. Clark had expressed that he “could not think of why anybody would have attacked him, ruling out links to money or relationship.”

References by many press orgnizations have been made indicating Mr. Clark’s perceived flamboyant lifestyle in which he enjoyed ownership of luxury cars and a prestigious home, however it is clear that the Police have ruled out any connection between Mr. Clark’s extravagent lifestyle and this particular incident.

At the time of Mr. Clark’s hospitalization in late January, he told the Sun newspaper “an assassin blasted me with a shotgun.I thought I was dead.” Subsequent to Mr. Clark’s interview with the Police, Detective Superintendent Gary Richardson made a public statement that the Police are “continuing investigations into the incident at Shenfield rail station on Friday, January 24 and are currently pursuing several lines of enquiry.”

The investigations continue and Mr. Victory will be subject to the investigative procedure laid down by the legal system of the United Kingdom.

“I can confirm we have now interviewed the victim at some length. This has provided us with a number of investigative leads. He currently remains in hospital” concluded Detective Superintendent Richardson at the time.

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