Exegy adds 6 new bank portals to portfolio of Forex market data feed handlers

Exegy Inc., a St. Louis based provider of high-performance market data normalization and distribution solutions, has today announced the availability of six new feed handlers for foreign exchange venues. The new additions expand Exegy’s broad portfolio of over 200 market data feed handlers, including feed handlers for leading bank portals and ECN platforms for currency trading. Today, Exegy announced support for an additional six bank portals: Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Nomura, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

The additions to Exegy’s portfolio of market data feed handlers were driven by expanded usage of its hardware-accelerated appliances for currency trading. Exegy continuously develops new feed handlers based on customer demand as part of its Managed Service. “The expansion of our FX portfolio allows our customers to have a broader view of the available liquidity in the marketplace without provisioning additional equipment. In addition to improving execution performance and trading profits, this expansion allows our customers to derive additional value from their installed base of Exegy appliances,” says vice president of sales Steve Hughes.

The new feed handlers have already been deployed to Exegy Ticker Plant appliances supporting asset management and hedge fund customers. “As the currency markets continue their electronic evolution, the same incentives and challenges that developed in the equity and options markets are driving market participants to seek out faster, more capable, and more efficient market data platforms,” adds Hughes.

In addition to expanding the number of accessible currency trading venues, Exegy has expanded the feature set of its appliances and API to improve operational resiliency and liquidity visibility. “In addition to expanding the number of trading venues, we have enhanced our offering to support multiple liquidity pools within each venue,” says chief technology officer David Taylor. “This allows our customers participating in the currency markets to define pools with different permutations of counter-parties and trading parameters and to blend these pools into an aggregated view of liquidity using our user-defined composite capabilities,” adds Taylor.

Accordingly, the number of pools and venues that may be included in Exegy’s user-defined composite pricing views has been expanded. In addition, Exegy appliances have been enhanced to automatically respond to operational incidents that may impact data quality. Automated actions include the clearing and refreshing of prices when underlying network connectivity is disrupted. “Our customers rely on the normalized and enhanced views of market data that we provide. The ability of our products and services to add layers of resiliency, automatically respond to incidents, and provide unparalleled visibility into the operational state of the market data infrastructure give them confidence to do so,” says Taylor.

To download the official release (PDF) click here.

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