Eurex and Korea Exchange extend cooperation on flagship index futures

Eurex, one of the world’s leading derivatives exchanges and part of Deutsche Börse Group, and Korea Exchange (KRX) today signed a contract in KRX’s Seoul Office to extend their cooperation by listing Mini KOSPI 200 index futures during Eurex trading hours. In addition, Euro STOXX 50 futures will be traded and cleared in Korean Won on KRX during Korean trading hours.

Mini KOSPI 200 futures, which are based on the KOSPI 200 index, will complement the Eurex/KRX link for KOSPI 200 options. Eurex users will be able to trade the Korea-related futures and options on the same platform. This will create a nighttime market for both futures and options based on the KOSPI 200 index on Eurex.

With Eurex’s Euro STOXX 50 futures on Korean Won, KRX will list a derivative product based on a global benchmark index for the first time in its history. The product specification will be designed to be as close as possible to Euro STOXX 50 futures.

Jeffrey Tessler, member of Deutsche Börse’s executive board, said: “This strategic cooperation between KRX and Eurex is very beneficial for both Eurex and KRX customers. With the introduction of Mini KOSPI 200 futures, investors will be able to trade and hedge the Korean market with an additional Korean product 24 hours a day.”

Kyungsoo Choi, Chairman and CEO of Korea Exchange, said: “KRX will list EURO STOXX 50 futures as its first derivative product based on a foreign equity index. By listing the contract, KRX will establish the foundation to be the Asian derivatives hub.”

KOSPI 200 options on Eurex achieved a daily average of 108,801 contracts in the first quarter of 2016. The EuroStoxx 50 future is one of the most traded index derivatives globally. In 2015, it was the most widely traded foreign index derivative among Korean investors. The Euro STOXX 50 index is the most popular index in Korea’s structured products market. Over 90 percent of Korea’s Equity-Linked Securities (ELS) products used it as underlying index.

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