ETC credits to be available soon on Coinbase

It’s been not more than a week since Coinbase posted that it does not provide support for Ethereum Classic (ETC), and customers have already been expressing an interest in recovering ETC that may be associated with their Coinbase transactions.

Therefore, Coinbase has announced that its customers will be credited the full amount of ETC associated with their account.

Coinbase has also stated in their company blog that:

We are working as swiftly as possible to create a simple process which will allow users to send an ETC credit to an off-platform ETC address of your choosing.

At this time, Coinbase is not planning to support ETC trading or transactions on our platform. We will only be making this credit available to send off-platform. Customers should avoid sending additional ETC to any Coinbase wallet. We will update this post as the credit process becomes available.”

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