EnergyMatch partners with OptionsCity to provide clients with enhanced transparency and liquidity across energy derivatives

GFI Group (NYSE: GFIG), a leading intermediary and provider of trading technologies and support services to the global OTC and listed markets, announced on April 20th, that it completed the integration between EnergyMatch, its electronic central limit order book for WTI, Brent and Natural Gas financial derivatives, and OptionsCity’s Metro, an end-to-end electronic trading and market making platform.

OptionsCity Metro customers are now able to trade with GFI markets and automatically stream outright options and complex strategies to the EnergyMatch system, giving customers instantaneous access to energy options liquidity. Trades are automatically captured in the system and Straight-Through Processing to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange allows traders to have real-time trade flow between EnergyMatch confirmations and the user’s back office platform.

“With this integration, our customers gain enhanced transparency and electronic liquidity, in addition to our voice markets. Through our partnership with OptionsCity, EnergyMatch will offer one of the most complete broker matching systems in the market,” said Lou Pellathy, Head of the Empire Electronic Brokerage desk at GFI.

“OptionsCity’s Metro is the leading platform for options on futures, and our partnership with GFI provides more traders with best-in-class trading software and pricing/analytics tools,” said Hazem Dawani, CEO and cofounder of OptionsCity Software. “Simultaneously, it provides us with an opportunity to expand our footprint in energy markets – providing our customers with access to trade on several Listed and OTC markets from one screen.”

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