easyMarkets goes against the trend, guarantees 200:1 leverage through Brexit vote

LeapRate readers will have noticed a marked trend recently of retail forex brokers large and small putting out notes to clients that they are increasing required margin on new and existing positions ahead of next Thursday’s Brexit vote in the UK.

Nikos Antoniades, easyMarkets CEO

Nikos Antoniades, easyMarkets CEO

Well CySEC regulated retail forex broker easyMarkets, which rebranded earlier this year from EasyForex, has decided to go against the trend of limiting leverage being offered to trading clients amid margin increases, and has put out a note that it plans to maintain its 200:1 leverage levels (i.e. 0.5% margin requirement) on GBP and other currency pairs.

easyMarkets also stated that it will continue to provide guaranteed stop losses and fixed spreads to its retail forex trading clients.

The following note sent out today to easyMarkets clients spells out the company’s plans:


easyMarkets Stands Firm For Brexit Traders

The countdown to Brexit has begun and one thing’s for sure… whether you believe the UK will “Leave” or “Remain”, the markets are sure to see a lot of volatility. At easyMarkets we know that for traders this means possible opportunities to make profits but it can also be risky.

This is why easyMarkets has reiterated that during Brexit it will continue to offer its traders 200:1 leverage, FREE Guaranteed Stop Loss and fixed spreads on its GBP pairs ensuring that easyMarkets traders can trade this exciting and historic event safely and securely.

easyMarkets CEO Nikos Antoniades states:

At easyMarkets we will honour our promises to our traders just as we have done during every major market moving event. Just as our free guaranteed stop loss and fixed spreads protected traders during the CHF events of January 2015, so they will protect them during the Brexit.

Trade Safe During The Brexit With easyMarkets

  • 200:1 Leverage
  • Free Guaranteed Stop Loss
  • Fixed Spreads
  • No Slippage
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • No Commissions Or Sneaky Fees
  • A Range Of Trading Instruments
  • Trade Safe with Vanilla Options

Nobody can predict how the markets will react to a Brexit situation so it’s good to know that whatever the outcome, your broker will protect you.

Sign up now with easyMarkets and trade the Brexit with complete peace of mind.

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