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  • easyMarkets goes against the trend, guarantees 200:1 leverage through Brexit vote


    LeapRate readers will have noticed a marked trend recently of retail forex brokers large and small putting out notes to clients that they are increasing required margin on new and existing positions ahead of next Thursday’s Brexit vote in the UK.

    Nikos Antoniades, easyMarkets CEO
    Nikos Antoniades, easyMarkets CEO

    Well CySEC regulated retail forex broker easyMarkets, which rebranded earlier this year from EasyForex, has decided to go against the trend of limiting leverage being offered to trading clients amid margin increases, and has put out a note that it plans to maintain its 200:1 leverage levels (i.e. 0.5% margin requirement) on GBP and other currency pairs.

    easyMarkets also stated that it will continue to provide guaranteed stop losses and fixed spreads to its retail forex trading clients.

    The following note sent out today to easyMarkets clients spells out the company’s plans:


    easyMarkets Stands Firm For Brexit Traders

    The countdown to Brexit has begun and one thing’s for sure… whether you believe the UK will “Leave” or “Remain”, the markets are sure to see a lot of volatility. At easyMarkets we know that for traders this means possible opportunities to make profits but it can also be risky.

    This is why easyMarkets has reiterated that during Brexit it will continue to offer its traders 200:1 leverage, FREE Guaranteed Stop Loss and fixed spreads on its GBP pairs ensuring that easyMarkets traders can trade this exciting and historic event safely and securely.

    easyMarkets CEO Nikos Antoniades states:

    At easyMarkets we will honour our promises to our traders just as we have done during every major market moving event. Just as our free guaranteed stop loss and fixed spreads protected traders during the CHF events of January 2015, so they will protect them during the Brexit.

    Trade Safe During The Brexit With easyMarkets

    • 200:1 Leverage
    • Free Guaranteed Stop Loss
    • Fixed Spreads
    • No Slippage
    • Negative Balance Protection
    • No Commissions Or Sneaky Fees
    • A Range Of Trading Instruments
    • Trade Safe with Vanilla Options

    Nobody can predict how the markets will react to a Brexit situation so it’s good to know that whatever the outcome, your broker will protect you.

    Sign up now with easyMarkets and trade the Brexit with complete peace of mind.

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    • James

      not a bad marketing ploy since everyone else is cutting leverage. Lots of traders out there who are addicted to the adrenalyn rush of high leverage. i think everyone is too panicky right now, this will be like Y2K and pass quickly. price spikes come from surprises, not from votes

      • panos

        They can offer this because they disable during rapid movement and news events. Traders are not able to even trade…. ‘NO QUOTES’.

        • George

          100% bucket shop broker and hence the 100% bucket shop risk management.

          200 leverage but no trading allowed 🙂

          • Nicolas

            Hi George, same applies as to your comment as explained to Panos above.

        • Nicolas

          Hello Panos. We don’t disable during news announcements. Furthermore the results of the vote are not released with a predefined release time and trading will not be disabled as such at any certain time.

      • Nicolas

        Our thoughts exactly.

    • Simon

      Smart move although some obvious risks are ignored here. Optimism bias? All the best

    • kypselian

      unfortunately you cannot put orders close to market. They put bands which are way away from markets. Thats how they guarantee stop losses.

      • Simon

        @kypselian:disqus Help please. I opened a GBPUSD trade (0.5 lot) on their MT4 and I can place the SL at 8 pips. Will they move my SL? The required margin is the same as other times.

        • kypselian

          See you have been a victim of false marketing. The no slippage and guaranteed stop losses dont apply on their MT4 but they dont say so. On their other platform yes there is no slippage and guaranteed stop losses but who cares if you can only put your stop loss 80 pips near market!

          • Nicolas

            Hey Kypselian, we are the only regulated broker with no slippage and guaranteed stop loss on mt4 as well. What you say is not acccurate. The stop loss as simon sais can be inserted as close as 8 pips.

          • Simon

            @@kypselian:disqus ; Deal was closed on Sunday’s opening gap. SL was not changed by anyone and it was the rate at which the deal closed. Impressed – will update you with more trades, however I’ll wait for Thursday this time. Thanks for responding.

        • Nicolas

          Hi simon, please share your experience with this trade. Did anyone move your stop loss ? have you experienced slippage of any sort? in the case the trade was stopped out, did it close at the requested price?

    • Stavros

      I have to agree with earlier comments of this broker being a bucket shop. They most definitely DO disable trading just before announcements for about 30 seconds, I know because I have friends who worked and still work there, and yes, they do make you put stops very far away from market during these times also (not that uncommon for brokers to do this though). In addition, they do not allow you to enter buy and sell orders either side of current price as “it guarntees profit” their words (just before announcements), absolutely ridiculous. In addition, and possibly the most damaging, staff are incentiveised for clients to lose money. Staff commission is based on net deposits, i.e. deposits minus withdrawals. So the more a client deposits and the LESS they withdraw, the more commission the staff make. So keep depositing people and never withdraw so they can make more money….I hope CYSEC look into this. Their “options” are also a joke. The list goes on…..withholding withdrawals, unstable (inaccurate) pricing at times, coaxing “big rollers” to either close or enter new positions (whichever suits their agenda). These are the practices I have heard of…..and I am sure that they will try and deny or justify. Please share your own experience good or bad.

      • George

        They should rename to EasyBucket

        • Jerry

          yes I totally agree with Stavros and George. I used to trade with easy forex and had also accounts with other brokers, I can assure you that their spreads are the worst, to not mention the quality of execution and so on.
          I do not trade with them anymore and thanks god I realized on time that they are one of the worst, …I also think that CySEC (with help of other more serious EU authorities) should look into these….

        • Stavros

          Yes absolutely, but they may find a second re-brand costly 🙂 I was wrong about one thing, they have not tried to justify or deny…….as yet

      • John

        Stavro what else have you heard of? Do they also send their employees to steal from kiosks or kidnap children? Get real and be responsible. I used to work there and it feels like you are describing another company.

        • Stavros

          “John” IF you did work there, then you know what I am saying is true, more likely you currently work there and are trying to deflect my comments as you have not denied what I said is true. I AM being responsible bringing to light underhanded practices of a broker….simple. Incentivising staff in the manner I have stated is a massive conflict of interest as well as the other practices I have eluded to.

      • TheFrenchy

        I trade with easy-forex for about 3 years now.
        They never change the leverage or the margin requirement like other brokers do.
        When it comes to huge announcement such as brexit, the margin level doest change and they never ever give you a surprise of higher margin requirement such as other brokers do.
        For the brexit event, a load of brokers will increase to 120% margin level giving you less chance to use your money with a free mind…
        For protecting themselves all the brokers use their own strategy to not damage their own business without caring about client’s one.
        It’s a valuable information that you have to put in mind.

        • Stavros

          It’s also valuable information to know that 9/10 brokers will naturally change their leverage during such turbulent market conditions, and they will most likely tell you in advance as has been the case with the brokers I use, so no surprises. Prime brokers invoke those changes on them and they in turn impose them on us….not a massive issue for me as it is natural for how the fx market works. Easy-forex are a market maker B book, they do not place your trades in the market and will match you internally with other traders and in turn assume any additional risk (most of the time). Ask yourself why they do not change the leverage and margin requirements. Do you think it is because they care for their clients or that during such times they will see massive volume being traded by traders going in and out, one way then the next hitting SL after SL from clients all over the world? The point i was making was in reference to their denial of disabling trading before announcements, as well as the unethical way their staff are paid commission…the list goes on. I am happy that you are satisfied with them though so good luck for tomorrow.

    • Simon

      @Nicolas; if I interpret this correctly then my leverage is more than 1:200 (50,000 / 211.87 = 236). 1) am I right? 2) I intend to trade this tomorrow. Will the maths change? 3) is the SL mentioned set automatically by the system?

      • Nicolas

        Hey Simon, correct on all points besides the change in maths. the SL is automatically set by the system depending on the margin you choose. If you dont want to place a certain stop loss, then you can exercise this trade on our MT4. the stop loss is also guaranteed there meaning you will not get any slippage even if the market moves 10,000 pips. please contact me directly to give you some more info. Ask for me on the live chat. I will add a small bonus on your account to assist you, no strings attached.

    • Critical Mass

      Don’t you think it is misleading to say that easyMarkets is a ‘CySEC regulated forex broker’? This only applies to clients from Europe and Australia. Clients outside these areas, such as in China and the Middle East, contract with the company EF Worldwide Ltd which is registered in the Marshall Islands and is not covered by a regulator at all. Clients can check the ‘Client Agreement’ on the website for confirmation of this if they wish.


    easyMarkets goes against the trend, guarantees 200:1 leverage through Brexit vote


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