Earthport to bolster Ria Money Transfer’s global payment services

Cross-border payment network Earthport on Tuesday announced that it has entered into an agreement with international money transfer company Ria Money Transfer.

Earthport offers Ria access to a global payment network which complements Ria’s existing bank deposit services.

Earthport’s global payment solution secures complete transparency into the transaction, providing customers and merchants with the ability to determine when funds will be credited to a beneficiary’s bank account. Via a single, managed relationship with Earthport, Ria gets access to more than 60 domestic clearing schemes.

ria-logoJuan Bianchi, Ria Money Transfer President & CEO, says,

“Earthport provides an efficient, global payment network that will further enhance Ria’s world class bank deposit services. This partnership will enable us to reach even more bank deposit customers around the world with fast, secure and affordable money transfers.”

Daniel Marovitz, Earthport President Europe, comments,

“Ria Money Transfer is a globally recognised money transfer company and Earthport is delighted to be collaborating with them to enhance their product offering. We look forward to working with Ria and are confident this will be a productive relationship going forward.”

You can view the full announcement on the partnership by clicking here.

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