DGCX to change margin requirements for a number of futures contracts

Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) has informed its participants of pending changes to initial margin requirements for a raft of futures contracts, including popular Forex futures contracts and energy contracts.

The changes will be effective from November 9, 2015.

The size of required margin will be reduced for INR/EUR, JPY/USD, USD/RUB, as well as for WTI Crude Oil and Mini WTI Crude Oil contracts.

The size of required margin will be cut for Copper and Silver contracts too, but it will rise for Gold.

There will be a hike in margin requirements for EUR/USD, USD/KRW, and USD/ZAR contracts.

You can find out more details of the changes in the table below:


To view the notice on the new margin requirements, visit this page.

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