Deutsche Bank AG suspends FX head of sales as rigging investigation continues

Kai Lew is the first female senior executive to have duties curtailed among 30 traders across several banks as a result of high-profile FX rate manipulation probe

More casualties of the global FX rate manipulation are taking place as Deutsche Bank, one of the many financial giants which affirmed its commitment to cooperation with worldwide authorities during the ongoing investigation, has placed its Sales Director of FX on leave.

According to Reuters, Kai Lew, who is based in London, was responsible for central bank FX business at the world’s largest FX dealer, has been asked to refrain from duties since early March.

Ms. Lew is the most recent senior executive, and the first female employee among the thirty FX traders which have had their duties curtailed by being placed on leave, suspended or removed from their positions entirely as the extremely high-profile investigation continues.

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