Derivatives advisory firm Riverside Risk Advisors expands team by hiring former Metlife executive Jason Leinwand

Jason Leinwand has joined independent derivatives advisory firm Riverside Risk Advisors as a Managing Director. Previously, Leinwand was responsible for all aspects of forex hedging, trading and strategy globally for Metlife Inc (NYSE:MET) including investments, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, finance and treasury in developed and emerging market currencies. Prior to joining MetLife in 2006, Jason held senior sales/trader positions at a number of global FX dealers. Jason earned his B.S. in Finance at Northeastern University.

riverside“Jason brings additional depth and expertise to our foreign exchange advisory business. His experience at sophisticated, complex and well-respected firms, such as MetLife, will benefit our clients tremendously,” stated Joyce Frost, Co-Founder and Partner at Riverside. She adds, “The turmoil in Greece adds a deep layer of uncertainty and complexity for our clients across many financial markets. Helping our clients determine the best hedging structure and achieve best execution with their dealer banks impacts their bottom line.”

Commenting on his move, Leinwand stated, “I moved to Riverside after nine years running FX at MetLife and twenty-eight years involved in the FX markets. I realize that I can bring my expertise to a wider audience and provide independent insight into the currency markets on how best to manage FX risk without any conflicts of interest. The FX markets have shifted toward a higher volatility environment. How companies manage this risk going forward may be a key factor to corporate success, and many companies do not have the in-house depth of expertise to manage their FX risk efficiently. My experience of having lived and managed through various market crises, including Argentina and Russia, as both an end-user and a dealer, will help Riverside’s clients gain unparalleled market perspective on their hedging decisions.”

Riverside Risk Advisors is an independent derivatives advisory firm located in New York City. Riverside advises on hedging interest rate, foreign exchange, equity and commodity market risk. Formed in 2009, its clients include private equity, project finance and infrastructure, real estate, corporates, insurance companies and financial entities. Riverside has advised on billions of notional amount with companies based and operating in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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