December volume metrics at KCG Hotspot lower by 7%

Total volumes for last year higher by 17% over 2012

Volume metrics during the last month of the year at KCG Hotspot have remained somewhat subdued when compared to November’s release, however that shouldn’t be a big surprise considering the broad industry slowdown during the holiday month, especially when it comes to institutional volumes.

Overall Hotspot performed rather well in 2013 with combined volume gains for the year rising by 17% when compared to 2012. KCG remains a key player in the forex ECN space as they turn their focus on core market making.

KCG Hotspot Dec 13

Recent trend has stalled its rebound from summer lows and the number released is actually the lowest since March last year. However since December is typically a month that marks general reduction in trading activity across the board we wouldn’t draw too many conclusions from this dip. Stay tuned to LeapRate for the latest volume numbers released by leading forex ECNs.

For the full press release visit KCG’s website.

For more on the global Forex industry see the LeapRate-Dow Jones Forex Industry Report. 

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December volume metrics at KCG Hotspot lower by 7%


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