DataSpace gets Moscow Exchange data center contract

Ever evolving prominent electronic trading venue Moscow Exchange today announced that it has chosen Moscow-based DataSpace as its primary data center facility and services provider.

Following an initial stage in 2015—during which time DataSpace will serve as a backup facility for MoEx—the DataSpace1 Moscow data center will assume the role and function as Moscow Exchange’s primary data center. DataSpace1 will host trading, clearing and depository technology as well as MoEx”s colocation clients.

Russia’s capital markets are currently developing at a rapid rate, with Moscow Exchange playing an instrumental part in the advancement of the Russian trading ecosystem on the global stage. Ruble liquidity has been in high demand of late, and Moscow’s infrastructure has increased in quality dramatically since the beginning of last year, spearheaded by TMX Atrium’s implementation of point to point direct connectivity between Moscow, Frankfurt and London, reducing latency and improving the execution cycle dramatically.

Russia’s Duma has been proactive in supporting the national will to bring ultra modern trading to Moscow, and establish it as a world center, punctuated by close relationships with Chinese authorities on yuan and ruble trading procedure, as well as attempts to elevate the ruble to the status of the major currency pairs, echoed by the addition of the ruble to many trading platforms across the world.

To maintain this momentum, top quality data center technology and stability of the execution environment are instrumental. With advancement comes competition, and in that area, there is no shortage of choice of providers in Russia, with domestic firm IXcellerate having designed and built an entirely new 6,000 square metre, Tier 3+ Data Centre, located in North Moscow. Founded by Guy Willner (Founder & CEO of IXEurope, Former President Equinix Europe) and J. Clifford Gauntlett (Senior Vice President Golden Telecom, Managing Director Russia Online),

Whilst IXcellerate is designed and operated for the requirements of multinational companies doing business in Russia, it has another location in London therefore DataSpace nestles among peers of high caliber.

According to DataSpace, whose core business is the operation of colocation facilities in Russia with more that 300 million USD in direct investment to develop six sites in and around Moscow, DataSpace1 was the first Russian data center to receive Tier III Certification of Design (November 2010) and Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility (September 2011), making DataSpace the only commercial data center operator to complete the full cycle of Tier III certifications in Russia and Continental Europe, and only the fifth in the world.

Sergei Poliakoff, Moscow Exchange Chief Information Officer, said, “Having completed a rigorous analysis of existing and prospective offerings in the data center market, we are pleased to announce that we have selected DataSpace as our primary data center. The combination of physical security offered, operations expertise and Tier III Gold rating from Uptime were key factors in our decision making process. We are looking forward to fully deploying our primary trading infrastructure in a new home by May 2016.”

David Hamner, DataSpace Chairman commented, “We are honored to have been given this opportunity to serve MoEx and proud that DataSpace1 was selected for its peerless level of security, reliability and operational excellence. We look forward to working closely with MoEx for many years to come and hope that our strong partnership will serve as a great example, furthering the development of the Russian data center market.”

Sergey Rasskazov, DataSpace President, “The requirements to operate large and continuously increasing data volumes are becoming more and more sophisticated, meaning companies must make significant investments in order to meet these requirements on their own. Today a growing number of customers choose outsourced service providers because it allows them to meet the growing requirements for security and reliability and at the same time makes more sense from an operational and economic standpoint. The data center market has responded to this new model by continuing to grow, both in volume and quality.”

For the official announcement from Moscow Exchange, click here.

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