CySEC broker Orbex launches “Click to Call” service for client & partner convenience

With headquarters located in Limassol, Cyprus and Kuwait and a highly experienced team from diverse international and professional backgrounds, Orbex, is looking for ways to make client and partner interaction adapt more to 21st century means. They are doing this while taking into account the global sphere of worldwide interaction the forex market brings on and making it easy to provide superior back office support through a new click to call feature built right into their website.

Click to Call Feature

Click to Call Feature

Taking customer service to the next level, Orbex recently launched a new Click to Call website feature, which gives clients and partners the ability to quickly get in touch with the Orbex Customer Service team by placing a free call at any time. Click to Call is in an addition to the company’s current Live Chat and Request Callback options, all designed to bolster convenience and service for customers and partners.

Formerly AFBFX, Orbex was recently re-branded in recognition of the company’s enhanced customer service for traders and partners. Orbex now provides a one-hour response time to all customer inquiries in addition to easy funds withdrawal and multilingual service in 12 languages, including English, Arabic, Bengali, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Urdu, Greek, French and Italian.

With Click to Call, customers simply complete a basic form, submit their information and enjoy a call with the Orbex Customer Service team free of charge no matter where they are in the world. This new service is available 24/5.

Abdullah Abbas, Managing Director of Orbex stated:  “As we continue to make trading easier and more accessible than ever, we are pleased to introduce Click to Call to provide our traders and partners yet another option for reaching out and getting the information they both want and need. We are pleased to continue to enhance our exceptional service for our clients and partners, with Click to Call being the latest addition to our full suite of customer service features.”

The new Orbex will continue to enhance offerings for traders, improving trading technologies and providing a range of instruments, making trading and diversifying investment portfolio easier than ever. Orbex provides clients with the very competitive trading terms and conditions in the market on currencies and other instruments, offering a diverse range of products including Foreign Exchange, Precious Metals, Future Contracts (OTC), Equity Indices (OTC), CFDs and Energy Contracts.

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