CRFIN blacklists and

Russia’s self-regulatory organization CRFIN has today denounced a scheme which is operating under the name of Monolith-Invest and as a result, placed it on the ever increasing blacklist of organizations whose activities are considered by the organization to be contrary to the interest of potential investors.

In this particular situation, CRFIN considers that Monolith-Invest to be an implausible project which promises to customers a guaranteed rate of return to its potential clients, offers partners substantial bonuses for attracting new customers, as well as additional compensation for the dissemination of information about the schemes of the company. On this basis, CRFIN asserts that the scheme does not provide sufficient transparency and therefore shows signs of nefarious intentions.

The firm reportedly operates from two websites, one being and the other

CRFIN warns the retail investors that placing funds within this particular scheme carries an increased risk of loss of some or all of their investment.

The official announcement from CRFIN can be read here.

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