CQG releases updated CQG M application

Colorado-based CQG, a provider of data, decision making, and order execution software, has just presented a set of enhancements to its CQG M application. The updates are coming this week and most of them are introduced in response to traders’ feedback.

Version 2.1 of CQG M features OHLC on the quote board. Traders have to tap the bid/ask on the quote board to toggle between OHLC, Last+Bid/Ask, Last+HL.

Also, 15-minute charts are included in menu in the chart time frame dropdown.

In HOT, CQG brought back the working orders and positions line.

2_1 ModifyThe application also features a new modify orders dialog where traders can see their order’s price in relation to bid/ask. As traders change the price of order, the bid/ask will be displayed in relation to their order.

In addition, HOT will remember order sizes per symbol.

There are some navigation enhancements too. For instance, logging in from an iPad will now use a modified desktop layout to make better use of screen real estate. Also, on a phone, tapping the back button in the browser will navigate to the previous screen, not to the login screen.

You can find out more about the CQG M update by clicking here.

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