Correction: Henderson Global did not sell its entire stake in Safecharge

A brief correction to an article we posted last week re payments company Safecharge (LON:SCH).

We reported, based on a filing made with the London Stock Exchange, that investment house Henderson Global had sold its entire 5% stake in Safecharge.

Following discussion with the company, we would like to correct that Henderson did sell some of its stake in Safecharge, but not its entire stake. The shares sold, likely several hundred thousand shares, represented just a small portion of Henderson’s 7.6 million share stake in the company.

The filing was made because the sale took Henderson to below a 5% holding in Safecharge, a threshhold for reporting. The filing, we believe, was somewhat misleading, making it appear as though Henderson had sold its entire stake in Safecharge, when it in fact did not.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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