Corporate investment in Fintech set to double in 2015

The financial technology (Fintech) space has been attracting investors’ attention and money over the past years, with new highs set to be reached in 2015, according to data from a recent research by CB Insights.

The research shows that in 2014 more than 90 companies pumped money into Fintech startups, which is a whooping rise of 176% over 2010 levels. Data shows that for the period since 2010 the Fintech investment space was dominated by technology companies, with Google Ventures and Intel Capital at the top of the pack.

If we consider the most active investors since 2012, we see 500 Startups, Google Ventures and SV Angel taking the top three spots.

In the light of companies in the Forex sector such as eToro and Saxo Bank raising money, we believe that other Forex brokers and platform providers will look to raise outside investor money in 2015. And we see the sources from which the investments are likely to come from.

For detailed ranking, check out the table below (Source: CB Insights):



Regarding funding amount, let’s note that in 2014 approximately $1.4 billion was invested across more than 110 deals. And if the number is not impressive for you, let’s mention that 2015 is on track to see Fintech investments with a size that is two times higher than 2014 numbers.

Since the onset of 2015, CB Insights data show, an excess of $700 million was already invested in the Fintech space, including large deals in Coinbase and LendingHome.

Investment activity surged in the first quarter of 2015, with 124 investment deals in Fintech companies announced. This is the highest level in 12 quarters and is also 23% higher than in the first quarter of 2014, CB Insights estimates.

This momentum is not losing its force in the second quarter of 2015, with data pointing to that this quarter will see the biggest amount invested in Fintech since the beginning of 2012. The second quarter of 2015 has so far seen over ten $10M+ Series A financings.


To conclude with the review, let’s also take a look at the top Fintech startups, as per CB Insights Company Mosaic method, which takes into account various quantitative factors to rank startups, including fundraising, web traffic, social media traffic, and job listings.

Irish money-transfer company CurrencyFair took the top spot, having raised a $10.7 million in Series A financial deal in April 2015 from Octopus Investments and Frontline Ventures. German banking startup Number26 ranked second, as the company’s web traffic has increased drastically in the months leading up to its $10.6 million Series A in April 2015.


We cannot skip the fact that Bitcoin startups are obviously at the focus of investors. You can see the names of Bitpay, Blockchain and itBit amid the leaders.

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