Coming soon: LeapRate to bring you the world’s first ever Forex TV talk show

Video and interaction is the future, and LeapRate was the first media source in this industry to embrace television as an avantgarde and ultra-modern yet essential means of engaging its audience, with regular televised interviews featuring the FX industry’s top figures.

Since last summer, senior industry figures who shape the future of our industry have joined LeapRate Managing Editor Andrew Saks-McLeod in regular television interviews in which various topics which are important to the industry have been discussed.

In April this year, the world’s very first Forex Industry Talk Show will be launched, produced courtesy of LeapRate and Dukascopy TV.

The first Forex Industry Talk Show in the series sets the scene for future productions in this format, and is filmed and produced at Dukascopy TV’s leading edge studios in Geneva, Switzerland, and is presented and hosted by Andrew Saks-McLeod who holds debate with three guests from the very upper echelons of the Forex industry in order to discuss and debate current hot topics.

The Forex Industry Talk Show’s format engages its guests in a way that has never been done before in FX media, by encouraging interaction and debate, bringing informative entertainment to the audience and ensuring that perspectives and opinions are made patently clear!

Stay tuned to LeapRate for the imminent release of the very first in the series of the Forex Industry Talk Show.


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