Coinsetter adds algo strategies to Bitcoin trading with Tradewave

Tradewave, the community-based Bitcoin trading platform that allows anyone to trade algorithmic strategies, has added fully integrated support for Coinsetter’s exchange. This integration brings new opportunities for Coinsetter users–including those that aren’t coders–who can now run algorithmic trading strategies on our exchange through Tradewave’s robust platform.

To provide a foray into the service, new Tradewave users are eligible for a free $500 account balance credit on Coinsetter. This allows customers to test new strategies for one month using Coinsetter’s own capital, with a view to retaining any profits made after the first month.

Coinsetter has ventured into some interesting technological advancements recently, in line with the Bitcoin technology sector’s ever evolving nature. In mid-January, Coinsetter announced its intention to begin offering margin trading and post-trade settlement to select business customers. Post-trade settlement allows customers to place trades on Coinsetter’s order book before making a deposit.

The firm also considers security to be paramount, having introduced biometric facial recognition technology in August last year, furthering its commitment to ensuring the safekeeping of virtual currency at a time when regulatory authorities were defining their criteria for overseeing Bitcoin exchanges and brokerages.

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