Coinbase to enable US customers to buy Bitcoin instantly with debit cards

Bitcoin exchange Coinbase today announces that launch of a new product for US citizens who’d like to purchase Bitcoin instantly – this will be possible via their debit cards.

The new Coinbase product (still in beta) aims to help new users get their first bitcoin and for existing users to get bitcoin easily and quickly. The company is launching this feature to 1% of US customers today, and plans to roll it out gradually to 100% over the next months.

Users can add a debit card by going to the payment methods page on, or through the payment method option under settings in Coinbase’s iOS and Android apps. Once a debit card has been added, users can then go to the buy page, and instantly buy bitcoin.

Coinbase already offers the ability to buy bitcoin with debit/credit cards to its European clientele.

The announcement from Coinbase regarding the new service can be viewed by clicking here.

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