Coinbase adds Bitcoin Price Alerts to mobile apps

Bitcoin exchange expert Coinbase is known for regularly bolstering the capabilities of its Bitcoin Wallet mobile applications. Following the recent addition of Bitcoin price charts, new languages and consolidated account balances, the company has made the next step towards improving users’ experience.

screen322x572The latest update to the mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices adds Bitcoin Price Alerts. These function as push notifications. The point is to help traders buy and sell bitcoin globally easier at the right time on mobile.

One can easily create price alerts in one’s native currency using the price slider. To create and view or disable and delete the list of alert, one has to visit the “Price Alerts” page.

After setting an alert, traders will receive a push notification when the Bitcoin price reaches the indicated price. To easily buy or sell, one should swipe left on the notification and click. Swiping right on the notification enables viewing the price charts.

You can find out more about the new functionalities of Coinbase mobile apps by clicking here.

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