CME Group Volume Reaches All-Time Daily High of 39.6 Million Contracts on October 15

The stratospheric trading volume achievements by a whole host of companies across the entire spectrum of electronic trading is continuing to manifest itself as the second half of October gets underway.

American multinational derivatives market place CME Group experienced an all time record in the number of contracts traded in one day on October 15, with 39.6 billion contracts traded.

Eurodollar futures were a particularly prominent component in achieving this figure, with 11.5 million contracts having been traded, almost double that of the prior record.

The single day volume for October 15 amounted to an exact figure of 39,567,064 contracts which were traded across all asset classes, shattering the previous record of 26,947,300 contracts set on May 29, 2013 by a substantial margin.

Indeed, the third quarter of 2014 is likely to remain in the memory of many executives in the electronic trading industry as a period of astonishing gains which materialized suddenly after almost an entire year of very low revenues across the board.

For the full announcement from CME, click here.

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