CME Group sees Forex volumes grow 5% MoM in May

CME Group Inc (NASDAQ:CME), the derivatives marketplace, has just reported its operating metrics for May 2015, with the results showing that last month was not so slow for the entire Forex industry, as Forex volumes at CME staged a rise in monthly and annual terms.

CME Group said its FX average daily volumes amounted to 880,000 contracts in May 2015, which is 5.01% higher than the ADV of 838,000 contracts registered in April 2015. The result still lags behind the highs of March, when volatility fueled Forex trading activity, but is way stronger than what we saw at CME Group in May last year. The annual rise in Forex volumes is quite remarkable at 49%.

To finish the Forex segment review for May, let’s also mention that the average daily notional value of FX contracts traded last month was $93 billion. This compares with a result of $86 billion recorded in April 2015.


Let’s take a look at trading with other instruments at CME.

Amid the strong performers we should definitely mention energy and agricultural commodities futures. Energy volume averaged 1.7 million contracts per day in May 2015, marking a rise of 24% from May 2014. CME Group agricultural commodities volume averaged 1.2 million contracts per day, up 27% from May 2014.

Continuing with the robust metrics, Treasury average daily volume grew 12% from May 2014, with Treasury futures volume of 4.0 million contracts per day, up 11% from the same period a year ago, and Treasury options volume of 712,000 contracts per day, up 22%.

On the downside, Eurodollar futures volume averaged 2.3 million contracts per day, down 10% compared with May 2014, and Eurodollar options volume averaged 738,000 contracts per day, down 8%.

CME Group equity index volume in May 2015 averaged 2.1 million contracts per day, down 3% from the same month a year earlier.

Looking at CME Group’s overall results for last month, we should note that May 2015 volume averaged 14.1 million contracts per day, staging a rise of 8% from May 2014. Total volume for May 2015 exceeded 281 million contracts, of which 88% was traded electronically.

Options volume in May 2015 averaged 2.6 million contracts per day, which is 13% higher than in May 2014, whereas electronic options volume grew 33% over the same period.

To view the official announcement by CME, click here.

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