CME Group hops on the financial markets educational content bandwagon

The newest educational website related to financial markets is

One of the world’s leading exchange traded and over-the-counter derivatives exchanges has launched a new website that is aiming to educate its readers on the role of futures markets in the real economy. The CME Group achieves two important goals with its launch – it’s dispelling some of the stigma that has been put on the derivatives market in the aftermath of the financial crisis and it provides a new channel to attract new customers.

Complex market topics are simplified with infographics and video content, while quizzes are testing the knowledge of readers. All of this is done in a very professional way that thoroughly explains the risks associated with the futures markets. According to the company’s press release it is aiming to make financial education more appealing without taking into account how much does the person already knows about the markets.

CME Group’s Managing Director Anita Liskey has stated that over the past couple of years the necessity for information related to businesses managing risk and the impact of not managing it on people’s lives have pushed the company to create the content. It is appealing to both the professional investor from Wall Street and the novice from Main Street. Some highlights can be seen in a video and on the website itself –

Last year the company has already engaged in a partnership with the National 4-H Council to bring an educational game about managing risk in agriculture named Commodity Carnival, to about 130 fairs across the US. An annual CME Group Trading Challenge is also behind the effort to inform students about the futures markets. Last year it has attracted more than 1500 students from 25 countries worldwide.

It’s good to know that at least one of the derivatives markets heavyweights is engaging in some sort of a social responsibility campaign. It is important for the public to know that risk mitigation is the main function of derivatives and they can certainly be used to increase the efficiency of the financial system. Note that just recently AvaTrade has launched its own educational website that provides premium content for account holders –

For the full press release visit CME Group’s website.

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