CME Group 1st Quarter volume solid – FX contracts jump 15% from 4Q, Record Eurodollar volume

Statement on newly launched CME Europe, CEO Phupinder Gill commented, “With London being the center of global FX trading, we will focus on FX futures initially, and add other products going forward…”

Forex volume on the CME ticked up 15% from 705k in 4Q 2013, to 817k in 1Q 2014. While volume is down 23% YoY from 1Q 2013’s 1M in volume, due to much talked about dampening of FX volatility.

Interesting to note on record Eurodollar volume, CME Group Executive Chairman and President Terry Duffy stated: “Following Federal Reserve comments related to quantitative easing and the target federal funds rate, our Eurodollar futures reached a daily record of 6 million contracts traded on March 19. Further, market participants have begun to adjust their risk management activities in the short end of the interest rate curve, as evidenced by our 47 percent growth in Eurodollar volume in the first quarter followed by 73 percent growth in April.”

For the full CME results and press release, click here.

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