CMC Markets senior management get multi million dollar share grants post IPO

Major online trading services provider CMC Markets Plc (LON:CMCX), which was recently admitted to trading on the London Stock Exchange, has made a number of reports concerning its shareholders.

As per regulatory filings submitted on February 10, 2016, CMC’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Peter Cruddas reports a 55% direct shareholding in the company and that he holds 57.63% of the voting rights. Fiona Cruddas reports a stake of 5.13%, thus giving a total of approximately 60% for the Cruddas family.

The company also announces that on February 10, 2016, as disclosed in the Prospectus, Simon Waugh, Manjit Wolstenholme and Malcolm McCaig, Non-Executive Directors of CMC, were issued and allotted ordinary shares in CMC at a price of £2.40 per share.

Also, effective as of February 10, 2016, Grant Foley, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Risk of CMC, and David Fineberg, Group Director of Trading of CMC, were granted awards over ordinary shares of CMC under the CMC Management Equity Plan 2015. Half of the shares granted will vest one year post IPO, and the second half – two years post IPO.

The largest grants made were to:

  • CFO and Head of Risk Grant Foley, shares currently worth £883,560;
  • Group Director of Trading David Fineberg, shares worth £1,249,680.


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