CLS sees June daily input value at USD 5.19 trillion up 12.6% MoM

CLS, the operator of the largest multicurrency cash settlement system for FX transactions today reported June volumes and metrics; seeing a nice gain MoM and YoY in input value, probably the best gauge of the overall performance and size of the FX market, see the numbers below:

In June 2016:

  • The average daily input volume submitted to CLS, combining the settlement and aggregation services, was 1,163,083 up 20% from 969,061 in May 2016
  • The average daily input value submitted to CLS was USD 5.19 trillion up 12.6% from USD 4.61 trillion in May 2016.

“Both values and volumes have increased significantly in comparison to May 2016, most likely influenced by the high volatility in the pound and the UK referendum result,” CLS said in a statement.


June 2015 May 2016 June 2016
Average daily input volume of instructions submitted to CLS 1,205,525 969,061 1,163,083
CLS Settlement Service input 920,753 754,396 868,868
CLS Aggregation Service input 284,772 214,665 294,215
Average daily input value of matched instructions submitted to CLS
(USD trillion)
USD 5.04 USD 4.61 USD 5.19


CLS saw its highest value since January 2015.

CLS saw its highest value since January 2015.


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