CLS daily input volumes stage 12.7% M/M rise in March 2015

Forex settlement utility CLS Group has just reported its operating metrics for March 2015, with the group obviously enjoying the positive effects of the volatility wave that has engulfed the Forex markets. Last months results managed to outweigh the February gloom.

The average daily input volume submitted to CLS, combining the settlement and aggregation services, was 1,366,042 in March 2015, staging a rise of 12.7% from the result of 1,185,696 seen in February 2015.

The average daily input value submitted to CLS was massive $5.15 trillion in March 2015, up 5.7% from $4.87 trillion in February 2015.

David Puth, CEO of CLS, commented:

“March was a month of increased activity for CLS. Average daily volumes increased by 12.7% over the prior month, while daily input values surpassed the USD 5 trillion mark, up by 5.7% when compared to February.

“This completes a very active first quarter that was highlighted by the unprecedented move by the Swiss National Bank on 15 January. During the quarter, the US dollar also rose by more than 10% against major European currencies leading to higher trading volumes overall”, he added.


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