Chinese and Arabic language sites now live on Tradimo

Tradimo’s online trading school is now available in both Chinese and Arabic languages. The newly launched language sites each contain over 250 free lessons, with content aimed at all levels from absolute beginners to experts. Courses range from “What is Forex and Forex Trading?” and How to become a good trader to advanced technical analysis and scalping.

Sebastian Kuhnert, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tradimo explains, “People prefer to learn in their native language and, as there is rapidly growing interest in Chinese and Arabic speaking countries for trading across all asset classes, we are confident that demand will be high for our new language sites. Our courses are tried, tested and highly rated and we hope to build strong learning communities on our new Chinese and Arabic sites.”

Sebastian tradimo play

One Financial Markets is the only broker eligible to advertise on these new language sites until October 2016, thanks to an exclusive partnership agreement between Tradimo and the London-based online broker which was agreed in January 2015. One Financial Markets will also benefit from other promotional opportunities on Tradimo’s Chinese and Arabic websites as part of its continual focus on growing its client base in Asia and the Middle East.

Future Plans

With over two million users having learned more about the markets with Tradimo, the organisation is focusing on its next growth phase, with additional languages being added by early 2016.

The next new language sites are likely to be Japanese and Spanish. Tradimo is currently seeking high profile brokers to form exclusive partnerships with for these new language sites.

Sebastian Kuhnert concludes, “As we continue to evolve, we are keen to talk to brokers about the opportunities available to them to be our exclusive partners for our additional new languages. We will create a bespoke package for each broker, mapping on to their business objectives in order to help with client acquisition. We can also imagine to launch a new language exclusively with multiple brokers per language who have a joint interest in new clients from a geographic area.”

Photograph: Sebastian Kuhnert,  Co-Founder and Managing Director, Tradimo

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