China’s Xinhua Finance Agency to provide co-branded AIREX Market financial apps to website traffic

Airex, Inc. announced today that Xinhua Finance Agency (XFA) has joined the AIREX Market Partner (AMP) Program. The AMP Program is a global service that gives companies their own turnkey, custom, self-curated, and co-branded AIREX Markets. With these AMP Markets, firms can instantly offer their customers, clients, website traffic, and employees a large and growing selection of financially actionable applications, information, and reports (Financial AIR™).

Xinhua Finance Agency, a subsidiary of the Xinhua News Agency, the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China and the largest news outlet in China, is a leading central news service-oriented website offering financial and business information. The alliance with AIREX Markets provides the Hong Kong-based XFA an entire turnkey marketplace of financially actionable information accessible by domestic and foreign companies, newsmakers, staff, and a network of independent journalists.

This may be something Forex companies take a look at to get their eyes in front of more financial traffic on a global scale, especially if AIREX keeps signing up big names like Xinhua in key markets such as China.

“China’s economy is growing rapidly and its global influence is increasingly important, but the financial information released to the world, no matter the quality or quantity, still cannot satisfy the demand from the world’s financial institutions and professionals,” said Nick Ng, President at Xinhua Finance Agency. “Our organization, an official subsidiary of the Xinhua News Agency, is aiming to fill this gap by providing timely, reliable, and comprehensive journalism and financial research to the world. AIREX Market is the perfect solution for us, offering an effective channel for our news and information products to directly reach the targeted market audience. Moreover, AIREX Market also offers a wide selection of top shelf global news and research that Chinese people can find and purchase easily, without one-off negotiated contracts or associated attorney’s fees. This is revolutionary – they’ve never had easy access to information like this before.”

Xinhua Finance Agency is chartered by Xinhua News Agency Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau as the official channel to distribute China’s business news, financial data and information to financial Institutions worldwide. XFA is the gateway for the global community to gain true access into the heart of China’s business world. XFA empowers global investors with information to help them succeed in today’s China.

“The Chinese market is clearly key to our growth strategy,” said Airex, Inc. CEO Stephen Kuhn. “Xinhua Finance Agency, as the official new financial information subsidiary of the largest news agency in China, is the perfect AMP Partner to penetrate that huge market. We are very excited to add Xinhua Finance Agency to our growing list of AIREX Market Partners.”

To see the official release, click here.

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